Technological Aptitude Test

Additional Technology Test


The Technological Aptitude Test is an additional test, based on non-verbal reasoning and consisting of two multiple choice papers, with a break in between. 17 places are allocated based on the standardised results of the Technology Test, offered in descending order of test score.

No special preparation is required for this test and all children are given the opportunity to complete some practice questions immediately before the tests.  We also send out a sheet of example questions before the test date so that the children can familiarise themselves with questions of this type.

Examples of the type of questions your child may encounter are:

  •  One object will be transformed (e.g. rotated), what would a second object look like if it was transformed similarly
  • Hidden shapes within other shapes
  • Matching up symbols to a letter code
  • What is next in a sequence of modified symbols
  • What is the “odd one out”
  • What would this object look like viewed from a different angle


This is an additional test and is entirely optional.  However, all applicants to Bushey Meads School must sit the Consortium Test (see page 7).