Mobile Phones


KS3 students must not have mobile phones switched on at any time during the school day, this includes breaks and lunch times. KS4 and KS5 students must not have mobile phones switched on during lessons, form times or assemblies but may use them at breaks and lunch times. If students do not follow these guidelines they will be confiscated. MP3s, Walkmans, other audio players and electronic games are not allowed in school: if they are seen, they will be confiscated as follows:

  • Using a mobile phone in a lesson/using when not allowed or wearing or inappropriate jewellery: C2 and confiscation until the following Monday
  • Mobile phone going off in a lesson: C3 and confiscation for one week
  • Inappropriate use of a mobile phone: C5-7, and 2 weeks confiscation

We do not approve of mobile phones being brought onto the school site. Hertfordshire Police have informed us that students have been targeted by thieves in many areas of Hertfordshire on their way home. However, we do appreciate some of you have long journeys and you may wish to carry a phone on the way to school and on the way home. However, if you carry a mobile phone during the school day, it is completely at your own risk. If it gets lost or is stolen, it is not the responsibility of the school.