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Executive Principal’s Blog – 16 June 2017 – The Power of Togetherness!

As I have walked around our wonderful school this week I been reminded of that simple but powerful statement made nearly 2500 years ago by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle – “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

Everyone working together within an organisation: students, staff, parents and carers, and Governors and Trustees; everyone making those small but significant improvements; everyone making those 1% adjustments; everyone constantly ‘tweaking to transform’ makes for a powerful learning community that continues to be on an exciting journey. A journey where every opportunity is given to every student to achieve their hopes and dreams and their true potential.

Everywhere I look there is a strong team spirit, a caring inclusive ethos, the desire to be the best; obvious examples of the impact of excellent leadership, great teaching and a strong culture of coaching the best out of students. I call it ‘drawing the gold out of others’.


Epitomised on Thursday after school in the Year 8 Cricket Match, pictured here against Francis Combe Academy, but replicated across classrooms and teaching spaces throughout BMS each and every day; it is inspiring to see.

Thank you once again for the important part that you all play in the journey and do keep making those tweaks to transform!

I wish you all a good weekend and don’t forget as usual to click on the link to read about the rest of this week’s BMS News……..

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal