More Able Agenda

We believe in ‘Growth Mindset’ and take an inclusive approach to our More Able agenda. Intelligences are cultivated through learning and we aim to provide extensive opportunities for all our students to demonstrate ‘More Able’ characteristics within the diverse curriculum.  

Students are tracked within subject areas according to their attainment and attitude to learning.  This information is used to highlight those that are displaying More Able qualities in a given subject.  This also creates a ‘rising tide effect’ that will lift the attainment of all students within the school.

We provide opportunities for students to develop their skills and talents during timetabled and extra-curricular activities.  These are designed to stretch, extend and enrich the experience of all students.

See our More Able Handbooks below to get a flavour of the More Able evening and to see what advice we are giving to parents in order to support their continued education at home.

Watch the presentation from 2021 to get a flavour of our More Able Evenings

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