We believe that a curriculum fit for purpose must be personalised to meet the needs of all learners, maximising students͛ opportunities for success. The curriculum should support students to ͚aspire to achieve͛, by organising learning to stretch every ability group and to offer the widest possible range of choices to excite and motivate every type of learner.

Bushey Meads School Curriculum Intent: 

We are committed to ensuring that all students enjoy reaching their full potential, becoming lifelong learners and positively contributing

<strong>Curriculum Policy</strong>

The Curriculum policy explains our aims and current practice for the curriculum in more detail and it also contains in appendix A a table of all subjects offered with curriculum allocations.

<strong>GCSE Options Booklet</strong>

The GCSE Options Booklet describes in detail all the exciting courses on offer to students and sets out clearly the options process.

<strong>A-Level Options Booklet</strong>

The Sixth Form Options Booklet describes in detail all of the exciting Level 3 courses on offer, both vocational and academic.