Teaching & Learning

Over the last four years the teaching and learning culture at Bushey Meads School has improved year on year and outcomes for students at all levels supports this view. Over 98% of teaching is judged to be good and outstanding across all curriculum areas throughout the school with 50% outstanding and the open door policy which allows the sharing of best practice is fully embedded in every classroom.

Every opportunity is used to develop classroom practice with every meeting starting with a sharing best practice item, complimented with weekly Monday Magic Moments and Friday Faculty Foci in Staff Briefing.

A robust recruitment policy, looking beyond the organisation supports very strong networks for progress externally and highly effective internal staff development led by the Teaching and Learning Team allows us to build towards future success.

Through our cohesive and comprehensive professional development programme throughout the year we build on the excellent foundations embedded across the school as we ‘move to greatness’ in all areas.