Marking & Feedback Fortnight



Marking and Feedback at Bushey Meads School is viewed as an integral element in raising academic achievement. We believe that high quality marking and feedback allows students to progress their understanding, informs future planning and teaching, creates a dialogue between teachers, students and parents and enable students to be in charge of their own learning.

Three Marking and Feedback Fortnights take place every year and during each two week period marking and feedback is even more prevalent than usual. Time is created for staff to mark student work, tips on marking and feedback are publicised to share good practice and specific events planned to help make marking fun. Such things include:

Marking Parties

The entire staff body mark student work together in a hall decorated with balloons, are presented with a party bag and have music on in the background.

Hidden Gems Treasure Hunt

Staff are encouraged to visit as many classrooms as possible to search for new and inventive methods of marking (all nominees win prizes).

Marking to Move Forward Invitations

Staff plan lesson activities based on specific trends uncovered through marking and invite other teachers in to observe (invitations are entered into a raffle and the lucky winners receive prizes).

Marking and Feedback Breakfasts

Breakfasts in the school restaurant replace staff briefings and staff mark work while enjoying a complimentary breakfast.

Marking and Feedback Raffle

All teachers are entered into a raffle and the 20 lucky winners get a lesson of their choice covered by a member of the Senior Leadership Team so they can spend the time marking work.