A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students. Uniform is enforced in order to promote an orderly working environment and to eliminate visible differences in the affluence of students’ homes. Non-uniform items will be confiscated and kept in the pastoral office until the end of the school day. For repeat offences, items will be confiscated for a longer period and/or parents will be required to collect the item from school, during school opening hours.

Required uniform for years 7-11

• Smart black polyester/viscose straight leg or bootleg trousers or smart plain black polyester/viscose skirt. The skirt must be no shorter than 5 cm above the knee and must not be tight fitting
• White shirt with buttoned collar (short or long sleeved) – this must be tucked into the trousers or skirt at all times
• Green BMS branded blazer* – available from the school uniform supplier
• Grey V-necked BMS jumper* (optional) – available from the school uniform supplier. Jumpers must only be worn with a blazer. Cardigans, hoodies or other jumpers are not to be worn.
• House tie* – available from the school uniform supplier
• Smart plain black leather shoes
• Plain grey, black or white ankle socks. Black knee-high socks or black tights may be worn with a skirt. No socks may be worn on top of tights.
• Plain black or navy coat (no denim, leather, patterned fabrics, ‘hoodies’ or items bearing logos). These, and other outdoor items (e.g. hats, gloves, scarves, etc.), are not to be worn in the school building.
• Plain black hair clips or hair bands. No flowers, bows or other adornments.
• Plain black, dark blue or grey scarf or hijab
• Plain black hair clips or hair bands. No flowers, bows or other adornments

Trainers or similar sports shoes not be worn in, or on the journey to or from, school. If there is a medical need to wear trainers, the School Nurse must receive a medical letter and then authorise the wearing of trainers. If there is no valid medical reason plimsolls will be issued.

Available to purchase from the school supplier. The house colours are as follows:

ASH –  pale blue

BEECH – purple

ELM – royal blue

MAPLE – orange

OAK – burgundy

SYCAMORE – yellow

WILLOW – red

Hair should be kept neat and tidy and should not be dyed unnatural hair colours, be shaved off (minimum of a grade 2 for sides or back of hair) or have colours or line/patterns/words cut or woven into it.  ‘Cult’ hairstyles are not allowed. If students come to school with hairstyles deemed to be inappropriate, their parents will be asked to have the hairstyle changed to an acceptable style. Until this is done the student will work in isolation from their peers. Please note: deciding which hairstyles are ‘cult’ and which are ‘acceptable’ is the prerogative of the school’s Senior Leadership Team.

Students are permitted to wear a watch and one stud or small sleeper earring in the ear lobe (these must be removed for reasons of health and safety if required by staff). No other jewellery is permitted to be worn (this incudes but is not limited to rings, bracelets of any kind, cartilage piercings, ear lobe extenders or any other body piercings). If students come to school with pierced body jewellery, they will be asked to remove it and it will be confiscated. Until this is done, the student will work in isolation from their peers. Hair bands must not be worn on wrists and should be kept in pockets or bags.

Make-up must be discrete (barely noticeable). Nail varnish or acrylic/gel nails must not be worn. False eyelashes should not be worn.

• 2 pairs black shorts
• Short/ankle white socks
• Bushey Meads yellow P.E. polo shirt *
• Trainers
• Socks – long white socks or BMS long socks*
• Shin pads
• Football/rugby boots
• Towel (optional)


In addition, GIRLS require:

  • Bushey Meads hooded sweatshirt*

In addition, BOYS require:

  • Bushey Meads multi-sport top *

Optional items: 

  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms
  • Bushey Meads hooded sweatshirt (for boys) *
  • BMS branded leggings*

* All items of P.E. Kit/Uniform marked with an asterisk are required and only available from our uniform suppliers

All P.E. kit and school uniform must be labelled with the student’s name

Lost Property

All lost property is stored in the Pastoral Office. Students should check at the Student Window regularly for any items they have lost. Any items that are not claimed by the end of each term will be donated to a local charity.

If the student’s items are named, then any lost property delivered to the Pastoral Office is returned to the student immediately. Items lost are far more likely to be found again if the article is named.