House System

The House system at Bushey Meads builds on the strong, caring, family atmosphere that exists at the school. Whilst students are very much part of a ‘horizontal’ year group, they also enjoy ‘vertical’ house assemblies and special house activities throughout the year alongside students from Years 7 – 13 who are in their house. Many student Leadership opportunities are available and students are encouraged to become House and Deputy House Captains, House Representatives and be part of the Student Parliament that helps to run the school.

The House system theme is trees and the colours and leaders of the Houses are as follows:


The House system is designed to give a sense of identity and belonging to students within the larger school community. Each student remains in the same House and Tutor Group throughout the whole of his or her school career.

The Houses play an important part in the life of the school. They are the basis for competition in work, sporting events, drama and music. They are also meaningful and important social units in themselves. There are House Assemblies every half term with the older students helping to support the younger students in the same House. The Head of House and Form Tutors strive to develop positive attitudes and self-awareness amongst the students. During the week of House Assemblies we also operate a “vertical tutoring” system.


House Points