House Events

All reward points that students receive individually go towards their House. The House with the most reward points in a year receives the House Cup. Students can also be nominated as Students of the Week and Students of the Term – receiving more reward points.

There are many House events that students can participate in to achieve more reward points for themselves and for their House. These include:

House Poetry Competition

Each year students are given a specific theme as the basis of their poem, the submissions go before a panel of the Heads of House to select an overall winner. The winning writer is awarded reward points, contributing to the house total number of points.

House Music

The Annual House Music competition consists of three categories: Junior Soloist, Senior Soloist and Ensemble. Each House enters a performance for each category based on the theme that each House has chosen. A panel of judges select a winner for each category, with points contributing to the House total.

House Photography Competition

A photography competition based on a chosen theme. Submissions are available to students as well as staff and parent entries.
A winner and runner-up is selected per category.

Categories include:

  • Overall Winner
  • Parent
  • Staff
  • Art Student
  • KS5
  • KS4
  • KS3

Sports Day

The Annual Sports Day is an opportunity for the House leaderboard to change due to the wide range of activities, and therefore points, available to students.


Further events include:
  • House Talent Show
  • House Cross Country
  • House Year 7 Party
  • House Debating
  • House Fantasy Football
  • House Football
  • House Netball
  • House Rounders