Travel Information

Bushey Meads School is firmly committed to improving travel to school and produced a Travel Plan in 2015. The school was awarded a Bronze Award for the Travel Plan and, since that time, has continued to promote sustainable travel methods to school for all stakeholders. 
Whenever possible students are encouraged to walk or cycle to school, as a form of healthy exercise.

Park and Stride


The Harcourt Road entrance to the school is open in order to encourage as many students as possible to walk to school. This gate is monitored at the start and end of the day by members of our staff.

We discourage students being dropped off by car at the main school entrance. Please drop off your child further away from the school and they can walk the remainder of the journey. We have designated drop off points at King George Park, Bushey Country Club and Moatfield Open Space.

Walking to school encourages healthy exercise, reduces your journey and congestion around the school. We have worked closely with the Police on this issue and they have agreed to monitor the situation outside the school. Parents are asked NOT to drive into the staff entrance near Little Bushey Lane. This entrance cannot cope with two way traffic when students are arriving/leaving school. Please stop well clear of the entrance to minimise congestion and do not park in the turning area near the main gate, as this must remain clear for school coaches.


If students ride bicycles to and from school, we strongly recommend the wearing of a cycle helmet and expect all bicycle users to have passed their cycle proficiency test. We have a cycle shed which is kept secure and monitored by CCTV.

However students should carry and use a robust lock and chain to secure their cycle.

Hertfordshire saver Card

Issued to students aged 11-18 years who live in Hertfordshire and are in full-time education. Students aged under 16 can apply for a Hertfordshire SaverCard that is valid from the date of issue up until the day before their 16th birthday. There is a £10 charge for each application. For 16 -18 years the Hertfordshire SaverCard is valid up to the end of academic year, costs £10 for each application and can be renewed each academic year as long as they still qualify. A passport style photograph is required. Application forms for SaverCards are available from the school reception, bus operators or public libraries but need to be sent to the County for processing. 11-15 years only can apply via Hertsdirect.

To qualify for child fares, your child will need to show the bus driver either a Hertfordshire Saver card or if using the 142 or 258 an Oyster Card, These entitle the holder to travel at half the adult fare at all times on the local bus service.