Executive Principal’s Blog – 9th February 2018: ‘Be safe, use the time wisely and enjoy a good week.’

Posted by George Furr on: February 9 2018

As we draw to the end of another busy half term I would like to thank the staff at Bushey Meads School for all their hard work and commitment to ensuring that each and every student here achieves their true potential. Just this week another example of our students excelling at the highest level was […]

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Executive Principal’s Blog – 2nd February 2018: Don’t Miss Out Next Week

Posted by George Furr on: February 2 2018

One of the highlights of our school calendar is the annual school production. This year it promises to be an all-time classic so whatever you do, come and support your friends and peers, along with all the other amazingly talented students of Bushey Meads, and click on the link below to book your tickets for […]

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Executive Principal’s Blog – 26th January 2018: The exciting ongoing journey at BMS

Posted by George Furr on: January 26 2018

A key question the senior leadership team at Bushey Meads ask at the end of every academic year is “Are 100% of our teachers and teaching assistants better at their craft than this time last year?” School improvement is always about an ongoing journey and not necessarily an end goal and it’s the direction of […]

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Executive Principal’s Blog – 19th January 2018: Our School has a Mind to be Kind!

Posted by George Furr on: January 19 2018

It is now four months since we launched our new school mantra ‘Our School Has a Mind to be Kind’ and it has been really encouraging to see how much it has caught the hearts of our school community. Last term alone over 2000 specific acts of kindness were formally recognised on our rewards system, […]

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