Anti Bullying

Bullying is deliberately hurtful behaviour which can take a number of forms. The three main types of bullying are physical, verbal (e.g. name-calling, teasing, racist or sexist abuse), or indirect (e.g. spreading rumours, social exclusion, graffiti).


The school encourages and expects all students and members of staff to:

• treat everyone with kindness and respect

• act with thought and consideration to others

• behave courteously, being polite and helpful

• be friendly and co-operative

• be honest and truthful

• treat property with respect

The school acknowledges and accepts its responsibility to maintain an environment in which bullying in any form is unacceptable at any level.

Strategies employed by the school to support the above principles include:

• the employment of two trained staff anti-bullying co-ordinators

• the use of an adapted version of the ‘No Blame’ approach to bullying and bullies

• central recording of incidents

• half-termly analysis of incidents, reported to the Senior Leadership Team

• appropriate feedback to victims, parents/carers and staff

• whole-school staff consultation and training

• student education

What to do if you are being bullied or know about bullying that is going on.

You must speak to an adult in school about a bullying issue. You can do it by:

• Talking to the Anti-bullying Co-ordinators in ‘The Base’ on the ground floor of A block, during break and lunch times

• Sending a confidential e-mail either via the school’s website:


Reporting an Incident

Visit the Student Watch page on the school website