Development Strands

Each year, all staff complete a Development Strand comprising of three individual training sessions. Teachers sign up to the strand that they perceive to be the most beneficial to their practice and attend the relevant sessions throughout the year.

The Development Strands are:

These sessions will explore a range of strategies we can easily embed into our classroom practice to check for and secure the progress of our learners. Based on a collaborative model of discussion and planning, we will explore the research behind some methods and experiment with different ideas to find what works for us in our own subjects.

Refreshing the fundamental features of good classroom practice.

Focusing on establishing routines inside and outside of the classroom that work for you and for students

Using student data to produce effective seating plans, using starters to set the tone for your lesson and effective use of whole-class assessment for learning to showcase progress.

Exploring practical techniques and strategies to maximise engagement within lessons. The sessions will focus upon developing behaviour4learning strategies and ensuring lessons maintain student focus. It will aim to encourage staff to play to their strengths, share these ideas with a peer group and reflect collaboratively on the methods that have worked well at engaging students. This can range from strategies that aim to ‘hook’ or ‘stretch’ learners, to discussing different embedded classroom routines that work with our more challenging groups.

Devise, trial and showcase teaching and learning strategies which engage all learners. This is a chance to work collaboratively with colleagues planning engaging multi-sensory activities / lessons and, when appropriate, team teaching parts of lessons with colleagues, not necessarily from within the same subject. The sessions will adopt an interactive approach with opportunities for colleagues to combine research, shared experiences, resources and methods in a range of alternative lesson structures.

These sessions will explore the use of technology to enhance our teaching and the experience of learners in the classroom. We will focus on effective integration of technology in lessons, giving students access to information beyond classroom walls.

Sequencing the curriculum in your subject effectively is essential for engaging students and securing meaningful progress. This course will focus on the pedagogy behind successful curriculum sequencing and empower you to adapt your current curriculum to secure understanding and engagement for your current cohorts. There will be plenty of opportunity for collaboration and the sharing of ideas as each individual embarks on their development project. This strand is designed for curriculum post holders, HoDs and HoFs.

Teachers acquire new tangible ideas during each session that they trial in the classroom and then feedback to the group during the following meeting so that others can benefit from the collective evaluation process.