Consultation on a proposal to open a ‘Specialist Resource Provision’ (SRP) from September 2022

Posted by George Furr on: January 5 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,  Over the last few years Hertfordshire County Council have been conducting a major strategic review into SEN provision across the County and, as one of the leading schools in this area, we have played a key part in this. For many years, indeed decades, our PNI BASE has been a centre of excellence in the region […]

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Executive Principal’s Communication to Parents and Carers 18th December 2020

Posted by George Furr on: December 18 2020

18 December 2020   Dear Parents and Carers, On December 8th the Government formally acknowledged in writing that school leaders, teachers and staff had worked tirelessly throughout the Autumn term, recognising their important role in contact tracing to help in the national effort to limit the spread of the coronavirus. They stated that they were […]

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Open Day and Evening Media Presentation

Posted by George Furr on: October 5 2020

Open Day and Evening Media Presentation Dear Parents, Carers and Year 6 Students, Thank you for your interest in Bushey Meads School. If you are one of the many hundreds of stakeholders who signed up in advance for our carefully planned physically distanced Open Day and Evening due to take place on Thursday 17th September […]

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A-Level Dance

Posted by George Furr on: July 13 2020

Overview The A Level Dance course aims to encourage students to develop, demonstrate and articulate practical and theoretical knowledge. Students will understand and experience technical and performance skills while exploring the process and art of choreography. The viewing and appreciation of professional dance works will help inspire students to analyse artistic and cultural contexts, applying […]

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