Consultation on a proposal to open a ‘Specialist Resource Provision’ (SRP) from September 2022

Dear Parents and Carers,

Over the last few years Hertfordshire County Council have been conducting a major strategic review into SEN provision across the County and, as one of the leading schools in this area, we have played a key part in this.
For many years, indeed decades, our PNI BASE has been a centre of excellence in the region but, as part of the review, it was clear that the direction of travel across the county was for PNI students to access more local provision, as more and more schools have become increasingly accessible.
As a school we submitted a bid which took many months to prepare to ensure our beacon of best practice for SEND continues at Bushey Meads. I would particularly like to thank Sara Ash (now Interim Headteacher at Falconer School) and Roa Dillon, SENDCo for their incredible hard work in preparing such a strong bid which has been accepted at the initial stage and is moving forward to public consultation.
If successful our PNI designation will change and our staffing model and environment for learning within the current BASE will need to be remodeled. A major funding stream will however be accessed to completely refurbish the BASE and enhance provision to meet the new designation of being a Specialist Resource Provision for children with social communication difficulties, including autism.
As you will be aware many children with this need currently attend our school, so this increased funding and enhanced provision will only enhance our school and Trust further and enable us to continue to be that hugely inclusive school and centre of excellence which is at the heart of our school and MAT.
Please find attached the consultation letter which is being circulated to all stakeholders and posted on the school’s website and Hertfordshire County Council website at http://www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/consultations this morning.
Best wishes,
Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal