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Executive Principal’s Blog – 13.1.23 ‘Poignant and Powerfully Positive’




Executive Principal’s Blog:

13th January 2023



Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 13.1.23 ‘Poignant and Powerfully Positive’

For our hard-working Year 11 and Year 13 cohorts it was a poignant ‘moment in time’ last Friday at their respective Pre-Public Exams (PPE) Results Assemblies when they watched media clips of last August’s results days and powerful soundbites of excellent advice from some previously successful students – many of whom outperformed even their aspirational target grades, adding real value to their achievements at BMS.

The students know that that they are in the right school with very experienced teachers who know how to support them to get grades well beyond their predictions at whatever level that might be. The school’s very positive ‘Cracking the Core’ programme has now started in earnest with all Year 11 students attending an additional 60 minutes of learning in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science during CDC time three times a week.

The atmosphere in all lessons is also extremely focussed and I would like to congratulate all students and staff for their hard work and dedication. Do remember that it is the ‘extra’ that really makes a difference – on top of the classwork, set homework and standard revision tasks. Our SAM Learning Challenge launched this week has come at the right time; statistics show that just 10 hours of extra SAM Learning a week can improve your GCSE or A level grades by as much as 2 grades per subject. Something worth putting to the test!

Following last week’s article in the local press, I would like to reassure all parents and carers that the EHO rating given to Innovate (our new catering service) was related to a management issue being dealt with by the company at the time and was never about the food hygiene or quality of food provided. The new Chef and Catering Management Team across the Trust are having an excellent ongoing impact. The two other primary schools in the Multi Academy Trust (also operated by Innovate) received a 5* rating at the time of the inspection at Bushey Meads.

Innovate has been keen to reiterate to all concerned that this is not their usual performance and, following a very positive food safety audit conducted last term, have already applied for a re-rating. They would like to invite any parents who would like to review the kitchen and food standards at Bushey Meads to contact the school; they will be more than happy to host a visit to the restaurant.

As always do click on the link to read this week’s BMS News highlighting some of the other things that have been happening this week.

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal