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Executive Principalā€™s Blog – 13.10.17: Something to Really Celebrate!

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BMS Sixth Form Outperforms

ALL Sixth Forms in the Local Area

This week the provisional DfE performance tables were published for sixth forms across the country and, whilst we knew our results this year had been again some of the best we had seen for many years, we were delighted to find out just how good our performance at Post 16 has been.

Sixth Form performance is measured for how much value is added to each student. Each student (based on their prior attainment at Key Stage 2 and at GCSE level) is given a predicted grade. A value of ā€˜0ā€™ for the sixth form means that, on average, every student in the sixth form achieved their predicted grade in all of their subjects. A positive number means that the school is adding value to their studentsā€™ learning and achievement.

We are delighted that Bushey Meads Sixth Form was given a 0.29 value added score meaning that on average, every student in the sixth form achieved nearly a 1/3rd grade higher than their predicted A level grade in all of their subjects. As an example, this means that many students predicted Cs achieved Bs, those predicted Bs achieved As and some predicted As actually achieved A*s etc.

For our important and exciting vocational courses the measure was a staggering 1.1 meaning that every student achieving studying one of these exciting courses achieved more than 1 grade higher than their predicted grade!

From initial analysis the BMS Sixth Form has outperformed every other school in the South West Herts area and this is a real testimony to the outstanding teaching and learning that takes place in our school each and every day.

It has been a great end to a very busy half term and really pleasing to see the impact we are all having in making sure that every single student has the opportunity to succeed at the highest level.

As always do click on the link to read this week’s BMS News highlighting some more information related to our stunning sixth form results and many other activities that have taken place…….

Jeremy Turner

Executive Principal