Executive Principal's Blog

Executive Principal’s Blog – 14 October 2016

epb20161014Over the last few weeks our dedicated Student Learning Consultants (SLCs) have been showcasing the hugely important contribution they make to our learning community. Leading starters and plenaries in lessons, acting as Visitor Ambassadors (as shown in the picture), conducting regular surveys related to improving teaching and learning and the school and also playing a key role on important days such as our annual Governors’ Day are just a few of the activities that they participate in.

If you want to join the prestigious SLC Team at BMS don’t forget to write a letter to Assistant Headteacher Mr Searle outlining what would make you a suitable candidate – perhaps highlighting your attitude to learning, desire to improve the school and any strengths that you could bring to the team.

Our students continue to make the most of every opportunity offered at BMS and our brand new Creative Writing Club started brilliantly last Thursday with everyone really engaged in the opportunity which may lead to some of them securing an additional AS level qualification. There has also been a huge response in terms of students applying to take part in the World Challenge trip to Swaziland.

It is fantastic to see so many BMS students wanting to make the most of their time at the school and widen their experiences in so many different ways. Do click on the link to read this week’s BMS News highlighting some of the other things that have been happening this week…….

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal