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Executive Principal’s Blog – 16.6.23: ‘Rising to the Challenge’




Executive Principal’s Blog:

16th June 2023



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Executive Principal’s Blog – 16.6.23: ‘Rising to the Challenge’

It has been superb to watch our hard working and dedicated Year 11 cohort embrace the challenges of the last few weeks and access all the support provided by their brilliant teachers and learning assistants at this crucial time in their education.

When most schools send their students on study leave to simply work as best as they can at home, at Bushey Meads we create and offer a bespoke Maximising Achievement Timetable that supports all students right up until their last examination with 2 – 3 hour long special revision classes provided just before each paper. This has been proven to effectively support students to ‘get into the zone’ and remember all those important examination strategies to secure those top marks – just before they sit the real exam.

Pictured here the Year 11s were totally engrossed in their Maximising Achievement Maths revision session on Tuesday morning.

Along with the popular Study Saturdays which have been running for the past five weeks, staff have once again really gone the extra mile. This does not happen in every school and parents and students are quite rightly extremely thankful for their teachers’ outstanding support.

As another small, but not insignificant raising achievement strategy we have even offered free bananas and water to students just before the exams take place to boost their performance in the exam hall. This is because research clearly shows that the two ingredients of bananas and water can give students the edge and we hope that again this important gesture has been another little way to help them even more after all their hard work. As the GCSE Examinations draw to a close we want to wish all our Year 11 students every success on results day on August.

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal