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Executive Principal’s Blog – 22.11.19




Executive Principal’s Blog:

22nd November 2019






Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 22.11.19

With nearly 50 ‘external’ students having joined our outstanding Sixth Form at Bushey Meads in September, it was just superb to hear last week during the Ofsted Inspection how well they had all settled in to our learning community and how much they already feel so involved in the life of our school.

This view was complemented by the very positive atmosphere at yesterday’s busy Year 7 Parent Consultation Evening, pictured here, where our newest parents and carers were so overwhelmingly positive about their children’s first term as part of the Bushey Meads’ family; all students achieving so well across each subject area and speaking so highly of the friendly, caring and very talented teachers at the school.

During the Ofsted Inspection I received so many emails expressing such gratitude to the staff at Bushey Meads and thanking them for the wonderful work that they do, often going the extra mile for children in their care.

Just yesterday I was also contacted by one of our newest Sixth Form parents, clearly so appreciative of the positive start her son has made in his post 16 studies this term. She described the school and the Sixth Form as ‘wonderful’, an adjective also applied to some of the key staff in the school, along with the word ‘amazing’.

In joining Bushey Meads she described her son as being ‘given hope again’ and with words describing one of our key Sixth Form leaders as ‘always there to help students, very easily approachable, respected and rated’ it was really inspiring to read how grateful she was. She spoke about other staff as a ‘legend’, others as ‘very gentle and caring, understanding and respectful’.

Emails like this remind us of our core purpose, to support all students to achieve their true potential and to do it with a real spirit of kindness and care. As parents and carers I would like to thank you all for the incredibly important part that you play in helping to shape the lives of the young people in our care. Thank you for working so effectively in partnership with us – it is so much appreciated by us all.

With very best wishes for a good weekend; do click on the link to read about the rest of this week’s BMS News……..

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal