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Executive Principal’s Blog – 22nd September 2017

Executive Principal’s Blog – 22.9.17: Our School has a ‘Mind to be Kind’

I would hope by now that all your children have told you about our new school’s mantra (the title of the blog this week) which complements our additional core values – the ‘3Rs’, introduced at the start of the new academic year – Respect, Responsibility and Relationships.

Bushey Meads School has always been a friendly, safe, inclusive school, but we want to build on this and strengthen further the character of our students as we prepare them for the world beyond the school community.

In assemblies next week students will hear of one of John Wesley’s most famous sayings….

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.”

If we all got up in the morning and spoke these words over ourselves there is no doubt that the world would become an amazing place; we can start that process however in our tutor groups, our school, our local area…….

I watched from a distance one of our new Year 7 students struggling with his school bag and PE kit at breaktime the other day and, unfortunately, his smart water bottle fell out of his bag, onto the floor and rolled away towards the feet of a group of Year 10 students. In most schools I would not have been surprised if an ‘accidental’ kick had sent it further on its way, but it was lovely to see one of the older boys pick up the bottle and make the effort to take it back over to the Year 7 student.

Last week one of our new students handed in a tie that they had found on the way to school and the same act of kindness happened with a lost set of keys in the quad and yet another finding a Year 11 student’s mislaid pencil case; all handed in at lost property and returned to their grateful owners.

One of our exemplary Form Tutors Mrs Hanbury has encouraged all her tutees to commit to one act of kindness each and every day and then celebrated the array of ‘kindness acts’ at the end of the week with lots of reward points being awarded.

With a culture in our school like this being strengthened further, it was no surprise to hear the numerous positive comments from so many of the 1200+ visitors to our school yesterday for our Year 6 Open Evening for prospective parents. It was a great evening that celebrated everything that is good about our wonderful learning community, underpinned so powerfully by our very strong ethos and culture epitomised in our new mantra ‘Our School has a Mind to Be Kind’.

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Jeremy Turner

Executive Principal