Executive Principal's Blog

Executive Principal’s Blog – 25 November 2016

As we come to the end of our first Marking and Feedback Evaluation fortnight of the academic year, it has reminded me that there is so much to celebrate at Bushey Meads School. We have so many superb teachers creating such positive classroom environments for learning and really going the extra mile for our students each and every day.

All of them are also so willing to learn from each other and develop the best strategies to ensure that they are providing excellent feedback to all students and ensuring a real dialogue of learning takes place. The progress agenda is key to real success and, when coupled with a growth mindset and a positive attitude to learning, there is no inherent reason why any student at Bushey Meads cannot succeed at the highest level – something we are seeing more and more frequently across the school.

With the many builders on site, our school is being physically transformed, but more importantly our culture for learning has been, and continues to be transformed by all stakeholders – students, staff, parents and carers, Governors and Trustees. A huge ‘thank you’ in particular goes to all the hard working and committed staff for another very successful week at the school.

It was also so good to see and speak to all the Year 7 parents and carers visiting on Thursday for their first Parent Consultation Evening at BMS and hear so many positive comments about their children’s first term at our wonderful school.

As always do click on the link to read this week’s BMS News highlighting many other activities that have taken place…….

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal