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Executive Principal’s Blog – 3 March 2017

As we come to the end of our second focussed Marking and Feedback Fortnight of the academic year at BMS, I am so reminded that it is those daily steps that we all take as students, staff, parents, Governors and Trustees that move a school to greatness.

At the start of the year we all reflected on the fact that a key ingredient of a great school is ‘consistency’ and this week it has been truly inspiring to see so much outstanding practice in each and every classroom and faculty across the school, with students really aspiring to achieve at the highest level.

At a time in education when we are hearing more and more negativity about the system, staff recruitment, retention and financial pressures, I am so grateful to be able to work with such outstanding colleagues who always put children first and who are constantly and consistently performing at the highest level.

If as students, or parents and carers you feel the same, do remember to think of those little things that keep the staff and students going – an encouragement, a thank you, a positive email, a card etc. Without a doubt, the staff at Bushey Meads are the best teachers and associate staff I have had the opportunity to work with in my time in education and I know how much impact these little things have.

So a huge thank you goes to all the staff and students for making these last two weeks so successful and for continuing to make Bushey Meads such a great school. We do really appreciate all that you do.

With best wishes for a good weekend and don’t forget to click on the link to read about the rest of this week’s BMS News……..

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal