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Executive Principal’s Blog – 7.9.18: An Exiting Journey to Very Bright Futures!





Executive Principal’s Blog:
An Exciting Journey to Very Bright Futures
7th September 2018




Bushey Meads News

 Some say that the journey of learning through any school is arguably more important than the outcome; what is superb though is when the important and often exciting journey leads to superb outcomes that open doors to very bright futures.


Pictured here on their first day at BMS, these new Year 7 students are full of hope and expectation, in the right school to achieve their goals and dreams!



 Our outstanding outcomes at A level and ‘best ever’ GCSE results indicate a very exciting ongoing journey of improvement – a journey that is helping GCSE and A level students achieve their true potential and see some exceeding all expectations (something so great to see on our summer results days and captured in these photos.)

 At the start of the week it was lovely to see all our Year 11 students attending their crucial ‘Kick Start’ meetings as they prepare for the most important year in their academic career to date; focussing on setting really smart targets to maximise achievement in their next round of Pre-Public Examinations (PPE’s) at the end of November and their GCSEs in the summer term.


As parents and carers do continue to encourage and support your children to make a very positive start to the new academic year and ensure that all of them achieve their true potential. In line with our school motto Aspire to Achieve, I know that we can all continue to work together to make this a reality for everyone.

I would like to wish all students and staff every success for 2018 – 19. As usual don’t forget to click on the link to read about more about this week’s BMS News……..

Jeremy Turner

Executive Principal