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Executive Principal’s Blog – 9 September 2016

With our Theme of the Week of New Beginnings, this week it has been really superb to see so many students making such a positive start to the year; new students, existing Bushey Meads students, all focussed on building on their previous success and experiences.

They say that ‘millimetres make champions’ and so often it is the ‘little things’ that make the ‘big differences’. Looking smart – learning smart, being organised, punctual, willing to spend that little bit of extra effort with learning activities in class or with home learning and really going the extra mile.

Even this week I have seen students stepping up and volunteering to show prospective candidates around the school, students putting in some amazing effort with their GAP (Get Ahead Programme) tasks set over the summer holidays and students participating with real enthusiasm with extracurricular activities and sports trials that have started already. Many students are also seriously considering applying for some of the hugely important Student Parliament and House related positions of leadership responsibilities available in our school – all determined to make sure that their New Beginning is as positive as it can be.

The school is on an exciting journey and it is no surprise that we have seen a 10% increase in Sixth Form numbers, with students wanting to be part of the continued success story. As parents and carers I would like to thank you all for your hard work, encouragement and support for all the students and staff at the school.

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal