Getting to know Geneva

After our very early start, we reached Gatwick in good time but still had a bit of a rush to reach the gate, which typically was about as far away as it could have been!

The flight was short and pleasant and a couple sitting near some of our students commented to me how polite and well behaved our students were. Lovely to hear!

After a 15min walk to the hotel we left our bags and bought lunch at a nearby shopping centre. Straight to McDonald’s for the students then!

Then we took the bus into centre of Geneva where we met our tour guide and began our 3 hour walking tour. It was very interesting and informative, giving us lots of info about the history of Geneva, the importance of Calvin and the reformation and took us to see some key sights including the impressive Jets d’eau on lake Geneva. It was a hot day and we were all feeling very worn out after 3 hours walking, so an ice-cream at the end was very welcome!
After a quick trip back to the hotel to freshen up, we returned to the centre and found a restaurant for dinner. Pizza was ordered and once again I was delighted to hear from the waitress how polite and well behaved our students were. They made me very proud today.

Once back at the hotel, the chatting stopped very quickly as we were all exhausted from a very long day and all fell asleep almost immediately.