Meet the Sixth Form Team

Mr O’Kelly

Associate Leader and Head of Sixth Form

Mr O’Kelly has taught at Bushey Meads School since 2005.  He has worked specifically with the Sixth Form since 2014.  A PE specialist he also oversees the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) at post-16 level.  With such a wealth of experience he is very good at understanding the needs and requirements of Sixth Form students.  He lends a reassuring ear where necessary and will always attempt to support students in the best way possible.  He ensures that our sixth formers understand our core school values (Respect, Responsibility and Relationships) and supports them in exploring their next steps.

Mr Monks

Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Mr Monks has taught at Bushey Meads School since 2019. A Politics and Psychology teacher, with much previous experience drawn from several other schools, he has had a leadership role in the Sixth Form since 2020. He teaches mainly in the Sixth Form and has supported students though the transition into their Sixth Form studies. He has helped many students to balance their academic challenges whilst encouraging them to experience the new opportunities open to them in the Sixth Form. He is a calm and reassuring presence who promotes student wellbeing. Skilled in supporting students through their post 18 options, he has wide experience of the University (UCAS), Apprenticeship and process.

Mrs Timotheou

Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Mrs Timotheou has been working within the Sixth Form since 2015.  Her experience in pastoral care is exemplary and has an incredible reputation for the kindness and care taken with our students. She oversees the Kindness Matters programme which has been extremely successful over the last few years. Mrs Timotheou is always available to support and reassure students their studies and any other concerns they may have, helping to ensure their experience in our school is memorable.

Mrs Sullivan

Pastoral Administration Officer for KS5