At Bushey Meads School we recognise that one of the most important keys to success is an outstanding attendance record. Each year we aim to achieve a minimum school attendance figure of 96%. Research shows that the lower the attendance percentage the lower the attainment at GCSE. We might think that 95% attendance is good however this equates to missing 10 days of school a year or a staggering 50 lessons!

Attendance PercentageDays missed over a school year
The greater the attendance the greater the achievement.

Holidays may not be taken during term time as absence has a detrimental impact on a students’ progress.

In very special circumstances, the Executive Principal may authorise absence from school, but this will only happen if the parent or carer makes a written request in advance.

  • come to school unless you are ill enough to see a doctor
  • don’t take holidays in term time
  • try to make medical appointments after school
  • talk to teachers or your parents if you are worried about something
  • if you miss school this will affect your attainment
  • make sure you catch up on all work you miss

Ensure your attendance remains above 96%, allowing you to achieve your potential

In cases of unplanned absences, for example due to illness, the school must be informed as early as possible on the first day of absence, preferably before 11:00 am, of the reason for the absence. The parent or carer should telephone the school absence line on 0208 950 3000, choose option 1 stating the child’s full name, form group and reason for the absence in a clear voice.

If a student becomes unwell or has an accident during the school day they should immediately inform a member of staff who will, if they think it is appropriate, send them to see the School Nurse or a first aider. Students should not leave the school site without permission or contact home themselves without seeing the School Nurse or a first aider.

Planned absence

If a student has a planned medical appointment during the school day the parent or carer must inform the school in advance. Students must ensure they sign out at the Pastoral Office before leaving the school site and, if returning on the same day, must sign back in again on return to school. Parents and carers must collect their children from the School Reception. Students will not be allowed to leave school unless they have a note from their parents or carers and have signed out at the Pastoral Office.