Troisième jour: une journée d’histoire

A very busy day of activities again! Starting off early we travelled to Bayeux to visit the British Cemetery in glorious sunshine. Students were very respectful and contemplative, asking lots of questions and noting information about the numbers of students buried, their ages and the number of unknown soldiers.

Next stop was the Bayeux Tapestry, the famous embroidered illustration of the story behind the Battle of Hastings 1066.an audioguide explained the different scenes depicted and the film that followed helped students understand the historical purpose and importance of this piece.

After a short coach journey we took our picnic lunch of baguettes onto the beach at Arromanches, one of the beaches where allied forces landed on DDay.  The sun continued to shine on us, so  we took the opportunity to use a  a bit of French and bought ice-cream before walking up the steep hill to the 360° cinema.

Here we watched a very moving short film about the events that lead up to, and followed on from, the DD landings during WWII. A powerful film that got all the students thinking about the significance of these events in France and across Europe.

Back on the coach, where some of us managed a quick catnap before that all-important supermarket visit. Students stocked up on goodies and purchased items for their fancy dress evening.

At dinner students were offered snails to try- with very mixed reactions! Some couldn’t get enough but others just couldn’t stomach them.
The day finished with a French quiz on the beach whilst the sunset before heading off to bed ready for our last day of activities.