Why train with us?

The Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance (TSA) is a collaboration of schools and learning trusts, working in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire, to provide high quality training placements.  During the training year, all trainees will have the opportunity to spend time in at least one of the other partnership schools to ensure a contrasting and comprehensive experience.

The alliance has considerable experience of training teachers and recognises and values the enthusiastic contribution they make to our school communities.  Our teachers are willing to share their knowledge and good practice to ensure that trainees are well supported to develop into good and outstanding teachers.

All placements are full-time, with four days in the school and one day at the University of Hertfordshire. As well as first class mentoring and professional studies in school, trainees will participate in three full-day conferences organised within the alliance. These will enhance the learning and professional development of the trainees, as well as providing a valuable opportunity to network with trainees in the other schools across the TSA.

The programme is structured to allow trainees to develop the skills required by teachers to teach the subject that they are training in and to develop specific expertise for making a distinctive contribution to practice in their setting.  A school-based subject tutor directs the development of subject knowledge for teaching school settings.  The programme also enables trainees to have a clear understanding of learning theories and child development and how this impacts on pupil learning and informs their own development as a teacher.

It is an intensive course which should not be undertaken lightly.  It requires a good deal of physical and emotional resilience to complete successfully.  Applicants need to be sure that they can meet the demands of the course and that the ethos and working style of the University of Hertfordshire suit their style of working.

The programme will give trainees opportunities to successfully meet the Teachers’ Standards (2012).¬† Trainees will be able to develop their professional practice towards becoming outstanding teachers whilst they are studying.


  • Grade C (or above) in the GCSE examinations in English and Mathematics.
  • First degree of a United Kingdom higher education institution or equivalent qualification, classification 2.1 or above preferred; 2.2 may be accepted with other relevant experience or higher qualification. There should be 50% content of degree relevant to the subject in which they are training to teach.
  • Applicants must have registered and booked the pre-entry skills tests prior to application, and must have passed the tests prior to commencement of the programme.


  • A minimum of one week’s experience in a secondary/primary school is essential. Applicants are expected to complete a pre-application task and details are available on the Parmiter‚Äôs School website.
  • Applicants without this experience are advised not to apply until the week in school is completed.
  • A high quality personal statement is essential as this will demonstrate your potential to teach and your command of the English language.
  • Applicants will need to demonstrate an understanding of educational issues and have an awareness of what makes teaching effective. The ability to enthuse and motivate pupils is also essential.
  • Please note that the School Direct (salaried) programme is aimed at career changers and it is expected that applicants will have three years’ experience in a career/valid work.


Amersham School, Bucks HP7 9HH

Salaried: English, Mathematics

Unsalaried: Physical Education

Beaconsfield School, Bucks HP9 1SJ

Unsalaried: English, Mathematics, Physical Education


Bushey Meads School, Herts WD23 4PA

Salaried: Design and Technology, Geography, Psychology, Religious Studies

Unsalaried:  Chemistry, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Economics, English, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages, Physics

Cavendish School, Herts HP1 3DW

Salaried:  Biology, English, Computer Science, History, Mathematics

Chalfonts Community College, Bucks SL9 8TP

Salaried: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Mathematics, Physics,

Unsalaried: Business Studies, Design and Technology, Geography, History

Dr Challoner’s High School, Bucks HP7 9QB

Salaried: Chemistry, Computer Science

Unsalaried: Physical Education

Francis Combe Academy, Herts WD25 7HW

Salaried:  Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics

Parmiter’s School, Herts WD25 0UU

Salaried:  Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design & Technology, Economics, History, Mathematics, Physics

Unsalaried:   Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design and Technology , Economics, English, Geography, History , Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages  Physical Education, Physics

Queens’ School, Herts WD23 2TY

Salaried:  Business Studies, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Physics

Unsalaried: History, Physical Education

St Clement Danes School, Herts WD3 6EW

Salaried: Design and Technology, English

Unsalaried: Chemistry, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages, Physics

St Michael’s Catholic High School, Herts WD25 0SS

Salaried:  Chemistry, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics

The Bushey Academy, Herts WD23 4PA

Unsalaried:  Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science,  English, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages, Physics

The Reach Free School, Herts WD18 9BL

Salaried: Geography, Modern Foreign Languages

Westfield Academy, Herts WD18 6NS

Salaried:  Business Studies, Chemistry, English, Mathematics



  • Breakspeare School, Herts WD5 0BU – salaried
  • Chalfont St Giles Junior School,Bucks HP8 4JW – salaried and unsalaried
  • Garston Manor, Herts WD25 7HR – salaried and unsalaried
  • Robertswood School, Bucks SL9 0EW – salaried
  • St Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School, Herts WD25 7HP – salaried



Applications open on October 27th through UCAS (all placements are listed under Parmiter’s).

Please contact [email protected]¬† for further information.