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12th October 2018: Fantastic Financial Foundations

With the ever increasing pressures on schools nationally and the need for really effective budgeting and careful financial management, a recent quote reminded me of the value of an excellent finance team: ‘A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.’

At our Governors and Trust Finance and Resources Committee Meeting on Monday of this week the clear financial management reports reminded us that we have a superb finance team at Bushey Meads School and indeed across the Bushey St James Trust. Managing an annual budget of nearly £10 million pounds across the three schools in our Multi Academy Trust and overseeing £6.5 million pounds of capital expenditure in recent years they are a brilliant team and really do ensure that our schools operate on very secure foundations.

We have all benefitted from their work; we have not only seen the infrastructure of our schools transformed over recent years, but recruited many outstanding teachers and associate staff to join us, as well as putting in place various key, much more efficient contracts – all for the benefit of the learners in our daily care. A huge thank you goes to our Business Manager across the Trust Miss Coombs and her dedicated and hardworking Finance Team.

With very best wishes for a good weekend; do click on the link to read about the rest of this week’s BMS News……..


Jeremy Turner

Executive Principal