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1st March 2019: Sharing Best Practice Mini Conference at BMS




Executive Principal’s Blog:
Sharing Best Practice Mini Conference at BMS
1st March 2019




Bushey Meads News
It was a privilege to welcome over 20 school leaders to Bushey Meads today for a mini conference focussed on sharing some of the best practice on offer here at our wonderful school. Delegates from as far afield as the East Midlands and Weston-Super-Mare joined us for the day to hear from some of our top leaders about the brilliant work we have done, working together as staff and students to create such a positive learning culture at the school.
With sessions focussed on creating a positive culture, key aspects of our very strong teaching and learning programme, our high profile more able agenda and the embedded student leadership initiatives at the school, delegates had much to consider and take away back to their own learning communities across the country.

They also enjoyed a thorough tour of the school to see it all in action which, for most of them, was the highlight of the day! I would like to thank all our students and staff for enabling the conference to be so successful; it was a great day and one to be very proud of what we have here at Bushey Meads.

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal