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8th March 2019: A Significant ‘Moment in Time’!



Executive Principal’s Blog:
A Significant ‘Moment in Time’!
8th March 2019

Bushey Meads News

I have always maintained that the most important aspect of whole school improvement is the journey and the momentum that you create towards the goal. At Bushey Meads that momentum and ‘power of togetherness’ is second to none; students, staff, parents and carers, Governors and Trustees all working together to make Bushey Meads such a great school.

This week it was an honour to welcome three very experienced Ofsted Inspectors (also current serving Headteachers and senior school leaders) to our school to lead a very thorough and rigorous Section 8 Inspection. My opening telephone conversation with the Lead Inspector on Wednesday morning started with me informing her that I am so privileged to work in such a fantastic school with such amazing staff and that her team’s challenge would be to see all the outstanding practice at the school in just one day of inspection.

Introducing the wider BMS senior leadership team to the Inspection Team on Thursday morning gave her a chance to outline her key strands of enquiry, but also for us to share our exemplary work in taking Bushey Meads to greatness. Students as always played a key part – at times their behaviour was described as ‘flawless’ and the pride that they have taken with their work in books and their genuine responses to teacher feedback over time was recognised as superb. Even our youngest students (who have only been at Bushey Meads for a term and a half) spoke of random acts of kindness, our ‘Mind to Be Kind’ mantra and how our very strong culture of kindness and respect pervades through everything that we do.

I was delighted that over 350 parents took the time to complete the Parentview online survey and the inspectors recognised the overwhelmingly positive comments and strong support for what we are doing. Governors and Trustees also played their hugely important part and a significant group of them spent over 1 hour with the Lead Inspector towards the end of the day.

The final inspection report will not be published for some three weeks and until then the outcome of the inspection is confidential but, needless to say, it could not have gone better. We all know that Bushey Meads is a fantastic school full of amazing staff and students who I am incredibly proud of; I am genuinely honoured to be your Headteacher.

This week was a significant ‘Moment in Time’ but as always the emphasis is on the exciting journey and that continues. Thank you as always for your hard work, support and encouragement – it keeps us going!

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal