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9th February 2019 – Curious, Creative, Confident, Independent Learners


Executive Principal’s Blog:
‘Curious, Creative, Confident, Independent Learners’
9th February 2019

Bushey Meads News

During our Enrichment Day on Thursday of this week I was once again reminded of all the wonderful opportunities that the hard working staff at BMS provide for all our learners. Opportunities that enable them to develop their character, resilience, confidence and independence and also the knowledge of how to keep physically and mentally healthy.

There was a really positive atmosphere around the school and it was great to see our students taking part in such varied activities and workshops led by visiting specialists and staff. I would like to thank all the staff and students for their hard work and commitment to their learning this week – particularly on this day.
This weekend don’t forget the important Theme of the Week Initiative and (if you haven’t used SAMLearning to its full potential yet this year) do start those excellent habits of even just 15 minutes a day of regular use of this, or one of the other online platforms that we provide, to boost your progress and achievement over time.

As always do click on the link to read our BMS News highlighting some of the other great things that have been happening this week…….

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal