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Executive Principal’s Blog – 1.10.21: ‘Our Pastoral Leaders – at the heart of our school’




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1st October 2021



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Executive Principal’s Blog – 1.10.21: ‘Our Pastoral Leaders – at the heart of our school’

One of the great strengths of Bushey Meads School is the way that all staff across the school work together, each team focussed on what they need to do to enable the school to work so effectively.

The vast majority of parents know that most staff are focussed primarily on teaching and learning in classrooms across the school and our superb associate staff keep all the key aspects of school life going, whether that is related to data, timetabling, finance, catering, site management, IT or HR. Likewise our key senior leaders focus on their important responsibilities in strategically leading a complex organisation within a Multi Academy Trust.

With that in mind, I would like to praise the outstanding work of our dedicated and caring Pastoral Team led by Pastoral Manager Mrs Blowers. They are the team that focus entirely on helping our students each and every day and are dedicated to being the main point of contact with parents and carers about a whole range of matters to support their children in school. Whilst they work very closely with all the senior leaders across the school, if and when things go wrong, they are the team to work with parents to put it right.

It was no surprise in the last two years when Ofsted visited us that this team received such positive praise. A few comments Ofsted made are highlighted below:

Pupils know that the highly valued pastoral team will react
quickly and effectively to deal with any problem.
Leaders have placed pupils’ well-being at the heart of what they do.
Pupils very much value the support they receive from the pastoral team.
Members of the pastoral team show great sensitivity towards pupils’ emotional needs.
The pastoral team enables pupils to overcome difficulties,
including those relating to mental health.

At the end of another very successful week at BMS, don’t forget to click on the link to read about more about this week’s BMS News……..

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal