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Executive Principal’s Blog – 1.7.22: Little Gems of Inspiration – all around us……




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1st July 2022



Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 1.7.22: Little Gems of Inspiration – all around us……

As educators we are so fortunate to be in one of those professions that, despite the obvious challenges we encounter, we are constantly inspired by those around us – not least the superb students we have the privilege to teach.

At yesterday evening’s Prize Giving Ceremony it was lovely to welcome back a number of ex-students and hear how well they had done since leaving Bushey Meads – all of them speaking powerfully of the seeds that had been sown in their lives during their seven years at the school. One student had just completed their first year at UCL, one of the world’s top universities, on course to get an excellent degree; another student is working in the House of Commons for one of the Shadow Ministers – a top job and one with considerable influence.

Before the event started there was the opportunity to visit a truly inspirational art exhibition of GCSE and A Level work exhibited in the BSJT Gallery and Art Department and some superb dance and music performances punctuated the evening.

We were also delighted to be able to welcome Sam Russell, the Chair of the Bushey St James Trust, who gave out all the prestigious certificates, trophies and awards to over 150 deserving prize winners. Each winner had been carefully chosen from over 200 students in their year group to receive a Faculty Award, or had been nominated by staff for their amazing contribution to the wider life of the school. The Student of the Year awards were extremely special and the citations for each one spoke of the strong values, ethos and culture of our school. A couple of examples are provided below:

This student has shown courage and fortitude beyond her years throughout her time at Bushey Meads.  She has taken on every adversity thrown at her with a cheerful spirit and a tenacity that is a shining example to us all.  She has had a consistently excellent attitude to learning in all her subjects and has pushed herself towards excellence.
When this student sets his mind to something he is a force to be reckoned with. He has led with humility whilst always being an example to others. His ability to bring people together for the betterment of themselves is unparalleled. He is willing to go the extra mile for others and absolutely embodies our school ethos of a ‘A Mind to be Kind’. I know many of our younger leaders will miss him and want to wish him well for his future studies. He has left an indelible mark on the wider student leadership at Bushey Meads and for that we will be forever grateful.

American writer Richelle Mead talks about the ‘little gems of inspiration’ that are all around us; it was, without a doubt, a truly inspiring evening and we once again congratulate all the deserving award winners. We also pay tribute to those who have helped them achieve such great success – staff and parents and carers alike.

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal