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Executive Principal’s Blog – 10.5.19: “Positive Relationships are Good for You!



Executive Principal’s Blog:

10th May 2019

Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 10.5.19: “Positive Relationships are Good for You!

Positive relationships has been the Theme of the Week for the last two weeks and has coincided with our very successful fortnight of vertical tutoring which has taken place across all Character Development Groups at Bushey Meads – overseen by our outstanding Associate Leader and Head of Sixth Form Mr O’Kelly and our seven enthusiastic and inspiring Heads of House.

Research clearly shows that surrounding yourself with encouraging, honest, positive people and building relationships with supportive people around you helps you live a happier and more fulfilling life; enabling you as a person to look forward to all the exciting opportunities ahead. As parents and carers you clearly have your important role to play in this, as do all the inspiring and motivated staff and students at Bushey Meads School.

With the written GCSE examinations starting in earnest next week, positive motivation is key. Do keep attending the crucially important Study Saturdays, make the most of every lesson and additional revision session and remember to thank the hard working teachers and teaching assistants at BMS who really do ‘go the extra mile’ for all our learners.

As always it is such a privilege to work at Bushey Meads School and I would like to thank all stakeholders – Trustees and Governors, parents and carers and staff and students for the important part that they play in making our school such a great school.

With many thanks for all you do and d on’t forget to click on the usual link to read the latest BMS News……..

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal