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Executive Principal’s Blog: 17th May 2019




Executive Principal’s Blog:

17th May 2019






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Executive Principal’s Blog – 17.5.19: Keep a Joy Journal!

One of the key tips that made me think in our superb main school assemblies this week (led by our outstanding psychology team here at BMS) was the idea of keeping a weekly joy journal. We have so much to be grateful for in our lives but so often the negatives seem to feature more strongly. However each and every day small things can bring us joy!

  • A student giving a cheery ‘hello’ in the morning as you get out of your car in the car park.
  • A lovely smile as you enter the School Reception.
  • Seeing your inspiring colleagues really go the extra mile for so many students.
  • An email reminding us of our culture of kindness and the power this brings.
  • A student holding a door open for you when your hands are full.
  • A simple thank you!

The above list would feature on my joy journal this week. What would be in yours?

As always it is such a privilege to work at Bushey Meads School and I would encourage you once again to click on the usual link to read the latest BMS News……..

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal