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Executive Principal’s Blog – 12.1.24 – ‘Extraordinary Encouragement’

Executive Principal’s Blog:

12th January 2024

Bushey Meads News
Executive Principal’s Blog – 12.1.24 – ‘Extraordinary Encouragement

In the last few weeks of the Autumn Term it was amazing to receive over 1000 Christmas ‘Shoutouts’ recognising the superb work of so many staff across our school community. The incredibly positive messages sent in from so many parents and carers paid tribute to the commitment of staff at the school, many of whom go the extra mile on a daily basis for the children in their care. At a time when recruitment and retention in education is incredibly challenging and often all we hear about are the negative views in society as a whole, unfortunately often blaming staff in schools for the challenges being experienced, it had a major impact in boosting morale across BMS. Here are a few examples of some of the messages that were sent in:

Where to begin? She is amazing in every way!! Reliable, hardworking, innovative, always goes the extra mile and is amazing with my son. I really could go on forever but she is absolutely awesome and has a very bright future ahead of her!!! Pupil advocate of the year 🌟
You have been a fantastic support for my son and helped the move from Junior school to secondary school be such a positive experience.
You have helped my son massively with his maths work both at lunch and after school. You are a sunny and kind member of staff and your efforts have not gone unnoticed. We are so grateful for all the work you have put in to my son as your student and want to say a huge thank you.
I don’t get to speak to the Pastoral Team very often but they are always there for my son and it makes me happy to know he can always go to them for help and support. I feel my son and I are understood by the whole team and for that I’m grateful.   
Throughout my son’s time at Bushey Meads you have been so supportive. You are a wonderful dedicated teacher and a credit to your school. Thanks!
A shining light throughout a really hard time for my daughter and myself.  I could never repay all that you have done to make my daughter and I feel safe at school and also, the support you provided for myself. We, as a family, have benefited so much from your guidance and understanding.  A million thank yous are not enough!
Always professional and rapid with any concerns. A valued member of the 6th form, Thank you.
Our daughter is very fortunate to have some inspiring teachers, they are supportive, inspiring, funny and are exemplifying how important it is to be unique and paving the way in their mentoring for our daughter’s positive path with her future. However, we could shout out to all at Bushey Meads, always grateful to you all, what a wonderful memory for her and our continued confidence in her academic 6th form choice. 🙏
You are such an amazing teacher and CDC. You always go the extra mile and make time for our son and champion him! Everything you do is above and beyond and we are so blessed that our eldest has had such a positive role model in his time at Bushey Meads School. Thank you for all you do; you always go above and beyond and we really appreciate it!

I would like to thank all the parents and carers the taking trouble to submit the messages; every single one was printed on a ‘Christmas Shoutout’ card and placed in an envelope in staff trays in the staffroom on the penultimate day of the autumn term. It meant a huge amount to the staff and was a very powerful indication of the value that our parents and carers are placing on our wonderful staff here at Bushey Meads.
As always, do click on the link to read this week’s BMS News highlighting many other activities that have taken place in our wonderful school. With best wishes for a good weekend.

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal