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Executive Principal’s Blog – 13.10.23: ’The Power of Passion and Purpose’

Executive Principal’s Blog:

13th October 2023

Bushey Meads News
Executive Principal’s Blog – 13.10.23: ’The Power of Passion and Purpose’

This week has been a week focused on recognising the power of leadership at all levels and has coincided with the school welcoming a number of senior school leaders from Outer London and Hertfordshire who have expressed an interest in working at Bushey Meads School. All of them are aware that the bar is high as we are fortunate enough to already be surrounded by superb leaders at all levels of the organization, contributing to the ongoing success of our learning community. Trustees, governors, senior leaders, teachers, associate staff and of course our amazing students all play their important part.
Talking of inspiring leaders, a number of parents and carers and students have been impacted by the superb assemblies led by our Associate Leader Mr Obamakin this week and one such email epitomizes their positive view:

Dear Mr Turner and Mrs Ash,
I just wanted to pass on my gratitude. I was at a very well organised and informative Year 11 Revision Techniques Evening last night, and afterwards I mentioned to my teenagers how impactful the presenting style of the new teacher representing English was. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had such an enthusiastic response from my teens! They went on to explain how the same teacher did a talk for the Black History Month assembly and ‘mum, he totally slayed it’. For anyone that isn’t a Beyoncé fan, ‘slayed’ meant it was really amazing. I was told enthusiastically how he had said he had strong black women in his life, and how black history should just be history, not a month. The presentation of that assembly was especially heart-warming to me. I’m of mixed Jamaican and British parentage, so it’s been important that they know their grandad and great grandparent’s ‘Windrush’ experience. Also, why we have Nigerian and other West African blood in our DNA (slave trade). But, I’m so very grateful that you had a leader present that assembly who was engaging enough to bring to life and represent such an important topic so authentically and impactfully. Please send on my fullest gratitude onto Mr Obamakin.
Regards, Mother of Two BMS Students

Our senior students continue to play a major part in the life of our school and have also been fully involved in a number of activities involving the visiting school leaders this week. They also continue to act as impressive role models both within and beyond our school community. Again this email from a member of the public who witnessed them on a recent school trip that took place on our last enrichment day says it all:

Dear Mr Turner,
I wanted to write to you to let you know that I was visiting the Young V&A on the 29th September, and I saw some of your students on a school trip there. I wanted to let you know that from what I saw, the students were a credit to your school, I saw polite behaviour from them when moving around the museum and a group of students played so nicely with my daughter (who is 3) on an exhibit. I was really touched by the kind care and attention they gave her.I didn’t get a chance to say to any of your staff on the day, so wanted to send you an email to let you know. Thank you, Sarah Parbhu 

The inspirational author, lecturer, life coach, and business & government consultant Myles Munroe once stated that the definition of true leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration motivated by passion, generated by vision, produced by a conviction and ignited by a purpose. We have definitely seen that over the last two weeks at BMS. I would like to commend all parents and carers for how well they are inculcating leadership traits in their children and of course say a huge thank you to the staff of Bushey Meads School for the outstanding leadership they continue to show.
With very best wishes for a lovely weekend and don’t forget to click on the link to read this week’s BMS News.
Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal