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Executive Principal’s Blog – 6.10.23: ’An Eclectic Curriculum Offer’

Executive Principal’s Blog:

6th October 2023

Bushey Meads News
Executive Principal’s Blog – 6.10.23: ’An Eclectic Curriculum Offer’

One of the real strengths of our school is the wide variety of curriculum subjects we offer at all levels of the school – there is something for everyone!

I spent an hour walking around lessons on Wednesday and saw students engaged, learning in different ways and making great progress; it was powerful to see.Even from this small sample of lessons you can see students engaged in a whole variety of practical activities, highly motivated to do well and enjoying their learning.


Some were watching informative videos about computing or creating practical drills to support evaluations of their chosen sport in Year 10 Sports Studies lessons. Others were making pallet chairs for the Outdoor Education Area of our school and still more completing research about major historical events on Chromebooks and creating impressive PowerPoint presentations. Sixth Form Scientists were completing complex titration experiments to find the concentration of a solution and Year 9s in a great history lesson were taking part in a whole class discussion about the major causes of World War 1.

I would like to congratulate all the top teachers and hardworking students I saw. With very best wishes for a lovely weekend and don’t forget to click on the link to read this week’s BMS News.
Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal