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Executive Principal’s Blog – 13.11.20: ‘What’s in a Smile?’




Executive Principal’s Blog:

13th November 2020



Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 13.11.20: ‘What’s in a Smile?’

I often reflect on how privileged I am to be able to work with so many inspiring colleagues at Bushey Meads School. A conversation at the school gates with a senior colleague the other day reminded me of how precious our days are on this earth and how important it is to have a mantra of a ‘Mind to Be Kind,’ getting up enthusiastically every morning to see what goodness you can sow and encourage in other people’s lives.

As a school community we are so blessed to have people in key positions in the school demonstrating unfailing goodness each and every morning that sets the tone for others as they step inside the building. Other colleagues who shine a light of hope and love in the world simply through their beautiful smile; it’s powerful! Other staff in classrooms and offices around the school who always put the needs of others first and ensure that all the students in their care Aspire to Achieve and reach their true potential.

On Tuesday of this week we held our, albeit streamlined, annual Governors Day 2020. With physically distanced in-person and online meetings taking place throughout the day with our hard-working Heads of Faculty and also with a selection of Student Leaders in each subject area, as well as some Governors taking the opportunity to tour the school with our newly appointed Student Covid-19 Champions, it has been another great success.

Throughout Governors’ Day student voice, as always, was heard loud and clear and I would like to thank all those who played such an important role in making the day such a success.

I believe that it was Mother Teresa who was reportedly quoted as saying “Every time you smile at someone it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” Her words, epitomised by her life, I think are worth listening to and certainly recognised in abundance in our fantastic school. On that note I would like to wish all students, staff, parents and carers and Governors a lovely weekend.

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal