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Executive Principal’s Blog – 14.10.22: ‘In the Right School…..’




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14th October 2022



Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 14.10.22: ‘In the Right School…..’

It was really good to see so many of our hard working and dedicated Year 11 students and their supportive parents and carers attend yesterday afternoon’s powerful Revision Techniques Evening hosted by Assistant Headteacher Ms Knowles who was joined by Lead Practitioner for English and Whole School Literacy Ms Bowe, Head of Science Miss Booth, Deputy Head of Maths Miss Timmins and Assistant Pastoral Leader Mrs Smith who all shared so many top tips at this crucial time of the students’ education.

‘Snack don’t Binge’ was one of the key messages shared and starting revision early (from now!) is essential if students want to succeed on August 24th next year. We do wish all of our students in Year 11 every success as they start to prepare for their important Pre Public Exams or PPEs in November and use the upcoming half term week to start some serious revision.

One thing is sure – they are all in the right school, well supported by their CDCs and Pastoral Leaders, being taught by some superb teachers who have a proven track record of helping all students make excellent progress towards meeting their aspirational targets, whatever level that may be.

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal