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Executive Principal’s Blog – 15.3.24 ‘Student Leaders Shape our Learning Community’

Executive Principal’s Blog:

15th March 2024

Bushey Meads News
Executive Principal’s Blog – 15.3.24 ‘Student Leaders Shape our Learning Community’

On Monday evening of this week it was superb to welcome our Senior Student Leaders to the Senior Leadership Team meeting after school and hear their feedback from recent Student Parliament Meetings that have taken place this year. They had collated all the ideas presented by the 49 Character Development Group Representatives across the school who form the Student Parliament and presented them to the Senior Leadership Team at Bushey Meads.

Their ideas will help to adapt and refine the curriculum and enrichment day programmes, as well as improve the infrastructure around the site including the service provided by the School Restaurant the Sixth Form Café and the wash room facilities for students across the school.

They also made recommendations for further improving the restore and repair meetings and creating a higher profile for both our Anti Bullying Week and the use of online learning platforms that play a key role in the raising achievement agenda for all students.

It was a powerful meeting and the students’ ideas will certainly help to shape things for the better across our learning community. I would like to congratulate them all for their excellent work and outstanding leadership in the school.

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Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal