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Executive Principal’s Blog – 16.10.20: ‘Remember to Show Kindness’




Executive Principal’s Blog:

16th October 2020



Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 16.10.20: ‘Remember to Show Kindness’

As I speak to more and more Headteachers across the local area it is clear that all staff in education are finding the expectations placed on schools in the present climate to keep as many students in school as possible, put in place all the increased safety measures tailored to their local school context and respond on a daily basis to the ongoing impact that we are all experiencing of this global pandemic, incredibly challenging.

The vast majority of us understand the pressure we are all under and are continuing to show kindness and compassion to the hard-working staff who every day go the extra mile for students in their care, doing their utmost to provide some sort of normality in these turbulent times and continuing to balance the pressures of providing both in-school and remote education.

We all know of schools locally who have had to send whole year groups home to self-isolate for 14 days due to positive cases of Covid-19 and in some cases several year groups. Other schools are able to identify class bubbles and small groups of students via seating plan arrangements, but the numbers are increasing all the time. Contacts at Public Health state that all schools are experiencing a significant amount of student absence.

As always, I would like to thank the vast majority of parents and carers who are continuing to support the staff at Bushey Meads in a positive and kind way. No one wants to receive that telephone call or email from their child’s school to say that they have to self-isolate due to close contact and we recognise the inconvenience and stress this causes, but again the vast majority of parents are being incredibly kind and supportive to the dedicated staff who have to make these difficult communications.

I have unfortunately been made aware of a very small minority of parents are clearly taking things too far and even making unkind comments naming specific staff at Bushey Meads. This is completely unacceptable and I would urge you all to distance yourself from this behaviour.

The statistics at the moment in the local context are indicating that the majority of close contacts are occurring through friendship groups and connections outside the relative control and safety of a school environment, whether that be travelling home together or during social times. It is so easy to blame and criticise at times like this but true character needs to prevail; we are all in this together and need to remember that we all have we part to play.

Along with many schools across the county we continue to work closely with Infection Prevention and Control teams and Public Health England and hope that even some of the additional measures we have put in place this week at the school (including our new One Way System) help continue to keep our students safe.

A huge thank you as always goes to the hugely dedicated Pastoral Teams, teachers and Learning Assistants and all the important Associate Staff at the school for the tireless work over the past few weeks.

Thank you once again parents and carers for your ongoing support. I wish you all a very happy and safe weekend and as always do click on the usual link to read our latest BMS News.

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal