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Executive Principal’s Blog – 16.2.24 – ‘Grand Opening of SRP at Bushey Meads’

Executive Principal’s Blog:

16th February 2024

Bushey Meads News
Executive Principal’s Blog – 16.2.24 – ‘Grand Opening of SRP at Bushey Meads’

On Tuesday of this week we were delighted to welcome Hero Slinn – Director of Inclusion and Skills, Hertfordshire Children’s Service to officially open our brand-new Specialist Resource Provision within the Bushey St James Trust. The £1.4 million SRP for students with Speech Language and Communication needs is housed on the Bushey Meads School site and is now fully functioning and benefitting all the SRP students and the wider school community. It is also available to staff and students across our Multi Academy Trust and will become a centre of excellence for staff in schools across the local area.

We have been delighted to build on our successful partnership working with Hertfordshire County Council in this major refurbishment project and congratulate all the staff involved in designing the state-of-the-art building. Staff and students comment that it is an extremely calm and inspiring environment which we know will serve our immediate school community, our Multi Academy Trust and also the wider community for many years to come. 
The event attracted a number of important dignitaries including the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire, the Mayor of Hertsmere, local Headteachers and Inclusion Officers, as well as Governors and Trustees connected with our Multi Academy Trust.
Hero Slinn was delighted to be part of this significant moment in time in the life of our innovative and forward-thinking trust and the wider county of Herefordshire. She emailed me on Wednesday the following message

Dear Jeremy
I just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure it was to officially open the Specialist Resource Provision at your school yesterday. It was a really lovely event and the building is truly fantastic, all details have been so well thought out to support the children, just a fantastic resource. Thank you again Jeremy,

On a final note I would like to congratulate all the amazing students (and staff) involved in the outstanding performances of Sweeney Todd which took place this week. It was truly incredible to see the talented young people on stage and marvel at how well they all performed in what was possibly one of our most challenging school musical productions to date; you were all simply superb!

As always, do click on the link to read this week’s BMS News highlighting many other activities that have taken place in our wonderful school. With best wishes for a good weekend and safe and enjoyable half term break.
Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal