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Executive Principal’s Blog – 18.11.22 ’High Expectations – High Achievers.’




Executive Principal’s Blog:

18th November 2022



Bushey Meads News

Executive Principal’s Blog – 18.11.22 ’High Expectations – High Achievers.’

The famous American inventor Charles Kettering who was Head of Research at General Motors from 1920 to 1947 achieved some incredible ‘firsts’ throughout his life. He recognised that high achievement only took place in the framework of high expectation.

At Bushey Meads, with our motto Aspire to Achieve, we have very high expectations and are able to constantly celebrate the high achievement of so many of our students. Next week we publish our next round of High Achiever Awards; in each faculty staff choose one person in each year group to receive a prestigious High Achiever Award based on the student’s work, effort, attitude and achievements made throughout the first half of this busy Autumn Term.

In each academic year over 75 students receive this accolade; each student has their name published in our BMS News and a copy of their certificate is displayed on High Achiever noticeboards which are placed in prominent places around the school site. A letter of recognition from the school and their certificate is also posted home to their parents and carers.

Some of the stunning reasons for these awards nominated so far this term include:

  • Consistently showing integrity, kindness and empathy and for producing outstanding outcomes in BTEC IT
  • Always approaching each design challenge with flair and enthusiasm
  • Being a positive role model with her steady and consistent approach to her studies
  • Making a fantastic start to the new term; confident, engaged and enthusiastic with learning
  • Having an amazing attitude to learning and always putting maximum effort into everything she does
  • Her outstanding script writing in GCSE drama; she raises the grades of students around her
  • Being very hardworking and always completing tasks to the best of her ability; a fantastic work ethic
  • Her inquisitiveness and consistent hard work both in class and homework

I’m sure you would agree that the sample of nominations provided above are very impressive; we should be very proud of the high achievement being facilitated in our wonderful school.

As always do click on the link to read this week’s BMS News highlighting some of the other amazing things that have been happening in and beyond our school community this week…….

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal