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Executive Principal’s Blog Р19th January 2018: Our School has a Mind to be Kind!

It is now four months since we launched our new school mantra ‚ÄėOur School Has a Mind to be Kind‚Äô and it has been really encouraging to see how much it has caught the hearts of our school community. Last term alone over 2000 specific acts of kindness were formally recognised on our rewards system, probably just a fraction of the bigger picture, but still something to really celebrate. Here are just a few examples:

A Year 7 student brought in some get well soon cards for the whole tutor group to sign for a fellow
student who was unwell; a fantastic contribution to the whole tutor group.
A Year 8 student collected items and brought in a completed shoe box for the
Hope Shoe Box Appeal; the first member of the form to bring a box in.
A Year 9 student was amazing in helping the school nurse with the diabetic students during a
very busy period, due to a paramedic and ambulance being called to the school.
A Year 10 student demonstrated very honest behaviour and handed in a
£5 note he had found on the floor; very thoughtful and honest.
A Year 11 student displayed a respectful and responsible attitude towards
his surroundings during break time by picking up litter.
A Sixth Form student provided outstanding support for two whole school activities
and demonstrates a consistent willingness to contribute to the school.

As a school we were chosen to pilot this ‚Äėkindness agenda‚Äô as part of a national project and yesterday it was superb to see the school being showcased at a conference in London attended by over 1300 delegates. Our hard working and inspirational Deputy Headteacher Mrs Ash explained to the school leaders present about some of the projects and initiatives that have taken place.

These include special assemblies, tutor time activities, enrichments days dedicated to the theme of kindness, charity events including the Hope Shoe Box Appeal, students assisting with the Senior Citizens Annual Christmas Lunch at St James Church, the outstanding work of our Anti Bully Ambassadors and Charity Leaders, our students who visited a local old people’s home this week and all the many individual acts of kindness demonstrated by our superb young people, both within and beyond the school.

Do continue to encourage your children to continue to go the extra mile for those around them and be part of something special that is building here at BMS. We can do certainly do more, but we can also be very encouraged by what has happened already; we are all really proud of our growing culture of kindness that we have here at the school.

At the end of another busy and productive week don’t forget to click on the link as usual to read our latest BMS News……..


Jeremy Turner

Executive Principal