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Executive Principal’s Blog – 2.9.22: Knowing the Truth!




Executive Principal’s Blog:

2nd September 2022



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Executive Principal’s Blog – 2.9.22: Knowing the Truth!

It never ceases to amaze me how sad it is that social media, and indeed the wider media, is often fuelled by ignorance and a malicious desire to use misinformation to discredit others. Anyone that knows Bushey Meads School well knows what a fabulous learning community we have here at the school. A school created by outstanding teachers and associate staff working hard each and every day to look after the students in our care, enabling them to Aspire to Achieve on a daily basis.

Almost at the same time as misinformation and exaggeration was being peddled in the media at the end of last term, over 800 students were being recognised for their amazing achievements during 2021.22 in our prestigious Prize Giving Assemblies. It was delightful to be able to welcome parents and carers to these events and it made for a really lovely and very positive way to end the term – despite the challenges of the 40-degree heatwave! These occasions make us proud and remind us what an amazing school we have at Bushey Meads.

As we know full well, all schools have incidents that are dealt with appropriately and in line with all the policies and procedures that are in place. Any school that cares for others and goes the extra mile for the students in their care will experience ‘blips along the road’ and we are actually proud of our history of being that very inclusive school, always having a Mind to be Kind and overcoming any difficulties that may come our way.

It was Winston Churchill who was once famously quoted for stating that “the truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”

As a school we won’t be distracted by the ignorance and egos of others and will simply stand on the truth of what we know and what is so powerfully recognised by so many of our parents and carers and those closely associated with the school. On that note, I would like to thank all the parents and carers who have contacted the school to show their support for the staff and students. One of many that we received (which clearly comes from a place of first-hand knowledge) included this powerful statement:

I write to you as a grateful parent whose child has just completed their first year at BMS, genuinely ‘sad’ that school had ended this week! From the transition week before starting with you, to the super strong focus on rewards, to the amazing new friendships that have started to forge, to the engaging and diverse ‘big’ curriculum, their all-round first experience of secondary school has been very positive indeed. So, thank you and thanks to your staff, many of whom have maintained such regular and/or prompt contact.

Our school continues to be a fabulous place of learning where students of all abilities and backgrounds can achieve the very highest achievements. During the summer holidays we were immensely proud of one of our talented Sixth Form students Abderrahim Taghrest (pictured below on the far right of the photo) who represented our country and helped Team England reach the semi-finals of the men’s 3×3 wheelchair basketball at the Commonwealth Games.

Do click on the link below to see a short clip of him in action at the Commonwealth Games:

Abderrahim at the Commonwealth Games 2022

We are also immensely proud of this year’s A level and GSCE results which continue to speak of an outstanding school and one that continues to improve year on year. Even after the disruption of the last two years, many of the key reportable measures at both GCSE and Post 16 were some of our ‘best ever results’ and a testimony to all the hard working staff, dedicated students and supportive parents and carers who make up our fabulous learning community.

Many of our Sixth Form students have gained places at some of the most prestigious universities in the world including Cambridge, UCL, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds and King’s College London to name just a few. Others are starting exciting higher-level apprenticeships with a number of leading global institutions.

As we start the new academic year we look forward to many more celebrations of achievement at all levels. As parents and carers, do encourage your children to complete all their GAP tasks to be able to start the new academic year on a really positive note.

We look forward to reading our first BMS Newsletter next Friday. In the meantime, do enjoy a lovely weekend.

Jeremy Turner
Executive Principal